SPCA's Instructional Readers are an important component of SPCA’s Education Programme, an evidence-based, curriculum aligned teaching and learning programme for New Zealand schools.
To support teachers in their mission to educate and inspire young minds, SPCA have developed a comprehensive set of teaching notes and response activities to accompany each instructional reader.

The teaching notes suggest ways teachers can use the texts in instructional settings to support the learning needs of their students. While the suggested reading response activities, available in English and te reo Māori, help to extend and consolidate children’s learning.

Supporting Resources

Teachers can find free teaching notes and reading response activities for all twenty-four titles on SPCA's Teachers' Portal - Resources for School.

Teachers' Portal
  • SPCA's Teachers’ Portal

    SPCA’s Teachers’ Portal is designed for early childhood educators and classroom teachers of Years 1 – 9 looking for innovative and engaging real-life and meaningful curriculum-aligned free teaching and learning resources.

    Resources include early learning kete, lesson and unit plans, live education webinars, maths task cards, and teaching notes and response activities for all twenty-four SPCA Instructional Readers.

    Teachers' Portal 
  • SPCA's Kids’ Portal

    SPCA’s Kids’ Portal is a unique online education resource designed to support children’s learning about animal welfare and responsibility towards animals, whilst developing children’s respect, understanding and compassion for all living creatures. Children can use this interactive and fun research and learning tool in the classroom or at home.

    This interactive website is full of animal welfare and care information, videos, enrichment crafts, quizzes, puzzles and Kind Matters, our SPCA Kids' termly newsletter with kind conservation tips and competitions.

    Kids' Portal