About Us

At SPCA, we firmly believe that preventing cruelty to animals requires long-term thinking and a focus on the actions we take today to create a better tomorrow. That's why we have developed an extensive education programme aimed at improving the lives of animals by teaching the children of Aotearoa about animal welfare in real-life, meaningful contexts.

Our commitment to fostering compassion and empathy in young minds has led us to create a collection of 24 Instructional Readers. These texts not only enhance children's reading skills and strategies but also instil a sense of care for and respect towards animals. Each reader is carefully levelled in alignment with the Ministry of Education's colour wheel, ensuring they cater to different ages and reading levels.

SPCA is proud to have gifted these instructional readers to every primary and intermediate school in the country. Our goal is to reach as many children as possible, providing them with valuable knowledge and insights about animal welfare. We believe that by educating the next generation, we can create a kinder society where animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

The focus of each original story is
to teach animal care and wellbeing, through engaging, and thought provoking narratives, while supporting the development of children’s reading skills and strategies at school and home.

To support teachers in their mission to educate and inspire young minds, we have developed a comprehensive set of teaching notes and response activities that accompany each reader. These resources are available on SPCA's Teachers' Portal, empowering educators to integrate animal welfare into their curriculum effectively.

By incorporating our Instructional Readers and teaching resources into classrooms across Aotearoa, we are not only fostering literacy but also nurturing a sense of responsibility and compassion towards animals. We firmly believe that a kinder generation starts with education, and we are dedicated to equipping teachers and students with the tools they need to make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

Join us on this important journey of building a more compassionate future. Together, we can inspire young hearts and minds, shaping a society where animals are valued and treated with kindness and care.

SPCA Education - Inspiring a kinder generation

  • Free online resources designed for early childhood educators and classroom teachers of Years 1-9 that provide real-life, meaningful contexts for teaching and learning.

  • An interactive and fun research and learning tool for children in the classroom or at home. Full of animal welfare and care information, videos, enrichment crafts, quizzes, puzzles and a termly kids' newsletter with kind conservation tips and competitions.

  • We are New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with 29 centres and 6 vet partnerships across the country and over 33,000 animals coming through our centres each year.